E2- Managing Performance

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A Brief About The Exam

E2 emphasises a holistic, integrated approach to managing organisations, from external and internal perspectives.

It builds on the understanding of organisational structuring gained from E1 and is centred on the concept of strategy and how organisational strategy can be implemented through people, projects, processes and relationships.

It provides the basis for developing further insights into how to formulate and implement organisational strategy, which is covered in E3

What Makes Us Different

Hybrid Class Structure

We provide online courses and weekly live classes to ensure the student has all their questions answered and are on the right track. The lectures are short, sweet and impactful

Trackable Goals and Metrics

Track your progress with video percentage viewed and quiz marks. Every student goes through many rigorous mocks so naturally they feel super confident on the exam day.

Battle Tested Results

We focus on simplifying daunting concepts and over the years have helped hundreds of students absolutely crush their CIMA exams. Our study method works and our students have proven it everytime

Mental Reprogramming

We go beyond academics in this session and try to deconstruct the "winners mindset" where we cover everything from daily rituals to pre-exam preparations. This session helps students get over their exam anxiety.

About Your Instructor

Devansh Parikh

Hey! My name is Devansh. I started coaching CIMA students three years ago. In today's world I believe students are drawn to technology so I like to incorporate it into classroom learning. Having achieved high pass rates and students acknowledging the help I provide keeps me going. In this course, I have provided a framework for the students to lead discussions and be confident making sure they are engaged and feel challenged throughout the lectures.+ Inst new bloc

You Might Be Wondering...

How does this even work?

We ask our students to open their book to the chapter being discussed and follow the notes we give you once you enroll. Click "Part 1" of the recording and you will see everything is getting covered one by one in an easy to understand way

Do I just keep viewing the lectures?

Of course not! Our classes are structured to inspire committment and confidence in our students. Every week you will be having 1-2 live sessions with me, one to one to solve any doubts you have. In these sessions we will be testing you on important topics and helping you solve sums in easy way 

Why do we split the lessons topic wise?

The chapters have been split into small recordings so that the student is not feeling overwhelmed with all the information in one go and also saves a lot more time as you would not have to watch the entire chapter recording.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you did not enjoy any of our courses, please get in touch with us within the first 7 days of your purchase and we will happily refund you the entire amount. No questions asked.

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What Other Students Are Saying


A Big thank you to Finntutors for helping me clear my Case Study Exams. They went an extra mile in making the Case Study material easy for their students and conducted several mock tests which really helped us. The classes and notes were precise. A big thank-you to you!


I am so grateful to Finntutors for helping me through. My prep was delayed and I started really late, without his constant follow up, daily tasks and tests, and extensive research on the case and suggestions to improve my answers, I do not think I would have been able to clear my exam. I owe quite a lot of my success to them for helping me through and actually making me focus on continuous prep with one challenging task after another. 

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